Sunday, July 10, 2011


Do not be alarmed, but sometime in the last couple of weeks aliens have taken our son and replaced him with better version of himself. I don't know if this is some kind of experiment they are working, but here's what I do know:

1) He now goes to bed with a binkie and a blankie. No cuddling, no bottle, no crying (well at least no crying for more than 10 seconds).
2) Instead of running in the opposite direction when you tell him he needs a diaper change, he runs to his room, lays on the ground and rolls over for you.
3) He no longer uses a bottle. He has switched completely to sippy cups, although he still calls them his "baba."
4) He puts things away when asked. Things such as toys, books, tools, etc.
5) He loves to help Daddy with his various projects around the apartment and Mommy with the laundry...and he is actually helpful.
6) He no longer runs in the opposite direction or up the closest stairs when on walks and listens to the instructions he is given.
7) He says he is sorry if he hurts you, is always concerned if someone has a booboo and is ready to kiss it better when necessary.
8) He responds with "I buv mm" when you tell him you love him.
9) He allowed Ryan and I to enjoy dinner at a restaurant on Friday night. He drew with crayons, ate a lot of his food, and sat in his highchair for the majority of the time.
10) He made it through AN HOUR in Sacrament today without many snacks and without running away. This is UNHEARD of.
11) He is speaking in short sentences. For example:
      "All done Momma"
      "Hi Daddy"
      "I love you, Daddy"
      "I want that"
      "I don't want that"
      "I love you too"
      "No, stop"
There are more, but I can't think of them. He also surprises us everyday with words we didn't know he knew. The other day I got him cereal and he pointed the the drawer and said "poon." He also points to the pool and says "poo" every time we walk by it at the apartment complex. Again, there are so many more examples of this I can't think of right now. It is incredible how fast he is learning.

We are a little worried that this experiment won't last long, but we are enjoying it for now. He is a little more mellow (he still has plenty of moments) and is just fun to be around. We love him to death.

This is just a moment I posted on facebook the other day. My mom said I should post it somewhere other than facebook so here it is: I just witnessed a miracle. I laid Sam in his bed where he stayed and then said "buh bye." I said "goodnight sweetheart, I love you." And he said "buh mm (love you)." I left and that was it. NEVER in my life did I think that kid could go to bed so easily. I sure hope this lasts!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Finally...I know.

I know I have owed everyone a post for a long time. Since Sam just had his 18 month appointment I figured I could update, not feel so behind and then start blogging more regularly. We will see if that ever happens...

So my BABY is almost 1 1/2 years old. I can't believe it! He is bigger, smarter and faster every day. He has the most fun little personality and makes us laugh all the time. The doctor didn't say anything new other than we should get rid of the bottle...yeah, easier said than done, but we are actually doing much better. I think it helps that he sees the kids at daycare drinking out of their big boy cups. He is still average height and weight with a ginormous head. I sure do love that ginormous head though and we will miss it when he grows into it.
Did I mention he has no fear?

Sam has become quite the talker recently. His words include: nice, buh bye (we are really good at this one), hi, OUTSIDE, rain, mama, dada/daddy, grandpa (more like gr-pa), cheese, fishies, pretzel, thank you, doggie (dog-EYE), baba, no, yes, help, mine, night night, inside, go, tickle,
More recently he has added; sorry, uh oh spaghettios (sah-e-o), tree, basketball, ball
He also has quite a bit to say that I am too old to understand. I'm sure it makes perfect sense to him, but I can't quite grasp it!

 He can also sign: please, out, rain, drink, basketball, help

Giraffe Sam-First trip to the zoo
He loves: all forms of water, seeing his friends at daycare, driving toy cars of all shapes and varieties, being outside (which I'm pretty sure is his FAVORITE thing), saying "hi" to complete strangers, going for walks, playing at the park, making a mess while mommy is trying to clean up, pushing around the broom and swiffer, flushing the toilet (which really grosses poor OCD ryan out), eating snacks, drinking juice (which rarely happens), TOMATOES, fruit, dip of any kind, all of his grandparents, his mommy and daddy, reading books, playing in his crib, cuddling, giving big kisses (which he has become very good at lately), helping daddy with his tools

He dislikes: going to take a nap or going to bed, not having the attention focused on him, not being outside, getting his hands dirty, not getting his way, getting in his carseat, when someone else has the nerve to go outside and not take him

Typical Sam-socks on, no pants and playing outside
Kissing Mommy

Helping Daddy
Overall, Sam is a very happy and VERY active child. He drives us to exhaustion, but one look at that cute little face and it's hard to be mad (especially now that he says sorry). He loves everyone and everyone loves him. He especially loves all his grandparents very much and had a great time seeing the Merrell side of the family in May for uncle Preston and Aunt Sam's wedding. Most days he loves going to daycare which always makes my day at work (more to come on that in another post) a lot easier. He loves to cuddle both his mommy and daddy, but he doesn't like to share. He will tolerate a kiss between his parents on occasion, but most of the time he prefers to be the one doing the kissing. He has also become quite bossy in the last month or so. He will take my hand and take me where he thinks I should be or he will point to where he wants me. He has been sleeping a lot better recently and Ryan and I try to enjoy every minute of that. He is a big helper too. He helps with the dishes and the laundry. He always gets me things when I ask him too. He likes to purposely spill milk on the coffee table, run to his room and get a wipe, and clean it up for us. He is so sweet and thoughtful!!

We love our little (BIG) peanut and we are so happy to have him as part of our family. He really brings a lot of joy to everyone around him. Mmmm I just want to kiss that dirty little face!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Year Resolutions

I know it's the end of January, but I have been adding to my list. I am writing them here so you can all hold me accountable this year. I have made good progress on some and haven't started the others. Here are the original four:

1) Spend more time with and love my husband more
2) Get back into shape
3) Take Sam for more walks
4) Learn to sew

And those added so far:
5) Read more
6) Research about and become more competent at my job

I am working on #1. It is the most important, but sometimes it is the hardest with the little booger around. I love Ryan a lot though and I hope he knows that.

I am also happy to report that I have been running almost regularly for the last two weeks. I am trying to get the energy to push the stroller after work so that I can get in shape and run a half marathon with my friend Emilia in July. So far so good. Sam and I have also enjoyed the nice weather recently. There is a park close to our apartments and we like to walk there (Sam in his wagon) and play/run at the park. I love how happy it makes him and I love getting him outside!

I am half way through a book too! This is big for me. I don't like to read. I am not in school anymore though and I feel like I am getting dumber. Hence #5 and #6. I haven't started #4 or #6 but I plan to very soon.

Okay everyone, keep me on track!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1 Year Update!

My baby is 1!! I can't believe a year has gone by. We have learned so much and loved every minute of it. We have such a special little boy, with an amazing little personality.

I am going to have to brag a little bit. We went to the doctor for his one year check up last week and she was so impressed with everything he was doing. He can walk, run, he talks constantly, he can clap, point, wave bye and so much more! She started asking me if he had reached any milestones for 15-18month olds. She said normally she wouldn't even ask if he could identify body parts or follow commands for another couple of months, but he was doing so much already that she asked anyway. I am proud to report that he pretty much knows where his belly button is and knows how to go get his bottle or my cell phone if asked. He is so smart! The staff at the doctor's office loved him. He ran around the whole place in his diaper, followed the doctor back to her office, and barely cried when they gave him his shots. He was a trooper.

So here are the stats and tricks at one year:

Weight: 23lbs 9oz (59th percentile-50% up from birth!!)
Height: 2' 6.25" (62nd percentile)
Head Circumference: 49cm (97th percentile-I told you he was smart, he needs room for all those brains!)

Words: Mom, Dad, Hi (and he will say it to anyone who will listen), Oh wow, Woah, Bye, Out, All done, yeah.
Hand motions: he throws both hands up for touch done, turns his hands upside down for all done, waves for bye-bye, and claps for everything, he also gives fist bumps and high fives if he is in the mood.
Tricks: he walks with almost perfect balance, he can get up without the help of a wall unless he is wearing his shoes, he runs, he talks all the time (most of it doesn't make sense, but it's darn cute), he has four whole teeth and some more coming in (I know, that's not really a trick), he throws all his toys, he claps, every song makes him stop and dance, he hides in the laundry basket, when he gets really weird he just spins in circles, he can find anything you try to hide from him in a matter of seconds, he will be more technology smart than his parents by the time he is 3, oh there are so many more that I can't think of!!

Likes: bath time, eating (especially vegetables and fruit), reading, brushing his teeth, making a mess, banging on the computer, playing with cell phones, walking or running, playing in the garbage or toilet, HIS BOTTLE, drinking beverages of any kind, climbing up and down, playing with toys, being outside, getting lots of attention from family, running around butt naked, when daddy kisses mommy, clapping for himself, dancing, long hallways, kissing other babies at church(they are usually not amused), being social

Dislikes: daycare, bed time, getting his diaper changed, getting dressed, sweets (sometimes he likes them, especially if they come in drink form, but most of the time he isn't interested), cleanliness, wearing hats, his carseat, not being allowed or able to walk or run, the vacuum...that's pretty much it, he is a really happy kid!

Dear Sam,
I will keep this short. There is not much to say, except we love you soooooo much. This last year has been a whirlwind. Your father and I have learned more and loved more than we ever had before. It was not an easy year for us and yet at the end of the day we couldn't help but smile and your cute face. We complain all the time about how you aren't the best sleeper, but in reality you are such a happy baby. You are social, loving (we get kissed ALL the time), and you bring so much joy to us everyday. You aren't afraid of anything (well, except the vacuum) or anyone. Everyone who meets you loves you instantly. You have no fear of strangers. It always makes me smile when you go straight for your Grandma and your Aunt Madi no matter how long it has been since you saw them last. You know they love you and that makes you love them. You are so busy. You never stop and you always want to play. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with you, but we love every minute of trying. Your sweet smile and your open mouth kisses are the highlights of our days. I hope you never change...although it wouldn't hurt to sleep all the way through the night more often!

We love you,
Mom and Dad

Disneyland, Turning One and a New Year

This last week was a big one. On the 29th we headed down to spend Sam's birthday and the new year at Disneyland. We knew it would be packed and we knew that there wasn't going to be much for Sam to be excited about but we were determined to have a good time. Ryan's mom, sister and one of his brothers (and his girlfriend) were able to join us, my parents, and my sister and her husband.

The 30th was Sam's birthday so we dressed in our "Birthday Boy" shirt and we headed out first thing in the morning to Disneyland. We stopped at Town Hall and got our "1st Visit" and "Happy Birthday" buttons and went out to brave the lines. We did "It's a Small World" which Sam thought was interesting, "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" which he was not too happy about, "Winnie the Pooh" which was a lot scarier than it should have been, "Pirates of the Carribean" which has large drops that Sam did not like and we saw some Disneyland characters. Cinderella and Snowwhite were definitely his favorite!

Happy New Year Everyone!! 2010 wasn't our best year, but it ended better than it started and we are positive that this year will be much better!

At about 5 we headed to the Rainforest Cafe for Sam's birthday dinner. We ate good food and then they brought out a cake that we had had made for him. We had a regular cake and a smash cake just for him. He was tired and not impressed with the smash cake. I tried to get him to go for it by putting his whole fist in it, but that just made him really mad. Can we say OCD? So, he wasn't that impressed...oh well. Besides getting extremely messy (me and him) we had a really good time and got some good presents! He spent the rest of the night being a ham for the family. We had adjoining rooms with Ryan's mom and he loved to run back and forth between the rooms and have all the attention focused on him. It was a good first birthday!!

On the 31st we went to Disneyland early again. We heard it would be full and they wouldn't let anyone else in after a while because of the holiday so we made sure to be there early (None of that really turned out to be true though). We went on "Dumbo" which Sam didn't like (I think it was too cold) and then we waited in line for 2 HOURS!! to see Mickey. Sam was tired and cried for most of the waiting and by the time we got to the front he was asleep and we did not wake him up for the picture. After that we did "Buzz Light Year' and then went back to the hotel for a nap. My parents came to watch Sam and Ryan and I went back for a little while. We did the carousel, the Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones and Captain EO. We also watched the fireworks. It was a good show. I was too exhausted to make it to midnight though so we went back to the hotel and went to bed before midnight. Lame, I know!

Overall, Sam was not a fan of Disneyland. All he wants to do is walk and run and he did not appreciate having to be held all day at the park. He was so squirmy and upset that I woke up really sore each morning from holding him. His favorite part of Disneyland was coming back to the hotel and running around. He is such a cutie!